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A Child Welfare and Attendance Professional “Must Have!”

“California Laws Relating to Minors”

‘The Redbook’ 50th Edition – 2018

Compiled by Phil Kauble and Maria Hwang de Bravo, topics include attendance, discipline, rights of students, due process, student records, delinquency, special education and many more.

Nearly 900 pages contain references to over 1,400 code sections. Order today.

Additional Comments:

The late Dale Ely was the first editor of California Laws Relating to Minors in 1968. Dale Ely created the most useful document in the history of Child Welfare and Attendance.  Dale took all of the codes in California that either stood alone or worked in conjunction with other codes and assembled the information into a single document containing the codes to be referenced for a particular topic.  It was brilliant.

The late Jack Erikson became the second editor until 2002. Jack was a soft spoken giant in the field of Child Welfare and Attendance.  He was a wonderful man who put together a team of experts at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.  Looking back on the history of educational legislation, Jack Erickson was there to provide guidance throughout the state on the changes that were taking place!  He was truly one of the brightest and accomplished CWA administrators in our field.

Phil Kauble forever remains as the legendary giant of CWA during the 1990’s and 2000’s. Phil and his team of professional at the Los Angeles County Office of Education were the leaders in the fields of Child Welfare and Attendance throughout the state.  Their workshop and presentations are legendary.  Their publications were essential and continue today with annual updates.  Phil’s contributions and scholarships are proof of his commitment to the youths of today.  Many of us who are working every day or are retired from the field owe Dale Ely, Jack Erickson and Phil Kauble our gratitude.  They deserve so much more than a “Thank You.”

We all look forward to this collaboration with Maria and Phil!

Proceeds from sales of this publication will go toward CASCWA student scholarships.

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