Legislation & Policy

Common Causes of Loss Student Attendance:

  • Incorrectly accounting of student enrollment and attendance
  • Obsolete data processing systems
  • Incomplete and/or flawed school district attendance policies
  • Lack of quality and uniformity in managing attendance interventions
  • Lack of alternatives school placements in lieu of comprehensive educational program
  • Poorly implemented SST’s and SARB’s…no truancy mediation or Probation 601 petitioning
  • Neglect of attendance as a training priority among school staff
  • Overlooking early patterns of chronic absence displayed by students
  • Not recognizing common “truancy profiles” among students
  • Improper and careless attendance taking by teachers
  • Lack of school wide understanding on school finance
  • Lack of attendance monitoring/enforcement of Probation 602’s
  • No attempts to counteract known (or potentially known) and predictable schoolwide attendance trends
  • Ill-timed (school calendar) startup of new programs
  • Absence verification given greater priority than absence elimination
  • Being unaware of how the attendance habits of school staff influence the attendance habits of students

Legislative Updates:

Pupil Services Legislative Update – October 2014 

Prepared by: Sherman R. Garnett – CEO, Sherman Garnett & Associates

Assisted by: Jeni Mendel

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