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Cami Berry’s President’s Message to Southern Section’s Membership

It is with a great deal of excitement that I begin a two year term as president of the Southern Section of CASCWA. I was first introduced to CASCWA in 2000 by my mentor John Burton. He shared that it would be an invaluable organization for me to participate in. I can honestly say that it has been a true pleasure working with dedicated professionals in the field of student services.  There is always so much to learn and great people willing to share information and offer support.

Student advocacy is what we are really all about. It is our challenge to figure out what is not working for the young people we serve and develop strategies to help them to successfully move forward in their pursuit of education. Our theme in Southern Section for my term is “Making a Difference”. Dedicated professionals with good knowledge and training, empathy and understanding, and the willingness to reach out to young people and their families can truly make the difference in our schools and communities

We have an exciting enthusiastic board that is planning many activities for the year. Our first event was the fall workshop, “CSI CASCWA – Challenges, Strategies and Implementations” that was held on October 9, 2015 at Knott’s Berry Farm, Resort Hotel.  Our Second event was held on February 5, 2016 at the Riverside County Office of Education.  The “Phil Kauble Topical Forum” topic was the “Every Student Succeeds Act – ESSA.”

Our section will be hosting the CASCWA State Conference on April 20-22, 2016 at the Anaheim Wyndham. We will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of CASCWA with the theme, “We Never Quit…Only Growing Stronger!” We encourage Southern Section members to get involved and join us on one of the many committees planning for this conference.

We challenge each of our current members to invite a colleague to join our organization. I am looking forward to a great year and believe that each of us can “Make a Difference” by being a member of CASCWA.


Cami Berry

2015-16 Southern Section Board Meetings

           Date                 Time                   Location             

  • August 28, 2015      1:00 to 4:00     Riverside COE Social Activity to Follow (President’s Home)
  • October 8, 2015     4:00 P.M.     Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel (tentative)
  • December 11, 2015     12:00 Noon     Los Angeles County Office of Education
  • February 5, 2016     12:00 Noon     Riverside County Office of Education
  • April 19, 2016     10:00 A.M.     Anaheim Wyndham Hotel
  • June 3, 2016     9:15 A.M.     Buena Park Holiday Inn


Lillie Wilson Scholarship, June 2, 2017

Southern Section Scholarship Awards

In the 1990’s, the Southern Section scholarship program was launched under the leadership of Karen Saunders, Agnes Moss and Mark Michels. Rick Riegel, Child Welfare and Attendance, Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District, is to be commended for his exceptional leadership in coordinating all Southern Section scholarship activities for the past several years. The current scholarship chairperson is Ms. Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez, Director, Administrative Services, Jurupa Unified School District. Ms. Garza-Gonzalez has taken on the challenges of communicating and marketing the scholarship program, coordinating the selection of student award recipients, and presenting the scholarships at the annual June luncheon. Much credit for the success of the scholarship program also goes to the individual CASCWA members who have assisted and mentored students at their school sites, have supported them as they completed their requirements for high school graduation, and have nominated them to receive a CASCWA Scholarship. One of the primary supporters of the Southern Section Scholarship is Mr. Phil Kauble, author of “School Laws Relating to Minors.  For more than a decade, CASCWA Southern Section has awarded scholarships to deserving students who have benefited from intervention by a Child Welfare and Attendance professional. We encourage all of our members to nominate students who have overcome adversity and are pursuing their dreams of a high education and a successful career.

Lillie Wilson Scholarship 2017 Website Message

If you are in the field of “Child Welfare and Attendance”, you are working with students who have overcome adversity and are now going in the right direction for their future. Please take the time to submit a nomination for one of your students in 2017! Applications Deadline is April 12, 2017

Please click below to obtain the 2017 Scholarship Application Form:


Memories from June of 2016:  CASCWA Connection Southern Section Scholarship Luncheon 2016


Phil Kauble Topical Forum February 10, 2017 – Office for Civil Rights – OCR Guidance on Student Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment

We wish to thank Office for Civil Rights Attorneys Gemini McCasland and Anni Lee for their excellent presentation on February 10, 2017.  We have put together a pictorial memory of the event.  If you were in attendance, we hope that the following pictures bring back good thoughts of educators coming together to be on top of their field.  The efforts of CASCWA continues throughout California!

Phil Kauble Topical Forum Memories 2-10-17


Los Angels County Office of Education Annual Legislative Update 

On December 9, 2016, the Los Angeles County Office of Education held their annual “Legislative Update” in Downey, California.  The presentations were prepared by the Division of Student Support Services and were extremely informative.  Also, Ms. Pamela Gibbs gave an overview of the status of state government and legislation as we move into 2017.  The legislative update was well attended and CASCWA Southern Section has prepared the following information and pictorial memories for our members and for those in attendance.  Enjoy!




Internet – “Friend or Foe” Workshop – October 28, 2016

On Friday, October 28th,  CASCWA Southern Section held an important workshop entitled, “Internet: Friend or Foe.”  The workshop was a success and we wish to thank all of the attendees and all of the executive board members who made this event a reality.

Below you will find a workshop follow-up that includes the program, information on the presenters and memories of the event.  Each of the sessions were on target!  The presenters have provided their power points to place on our website.  Whether you were an attendee or not, please review the following power points and especially go to the “Protect Now” website.  Southern Section is planning another workshop early in 2017 and will contact you via email when plans are firmed up.  Enjoy the following!

Internet: Friend or Foe Workshop: cascwa-friend-or-foe-workshop-the-program

Mr. Wenkart’s Presentation: cascwa-conference-october-28-2016 

Ms. Ashlie Bryant’s Website:  (Presentation to soon be posted)

Mr. Eberstein’s Presentation: cascwa1_fall_10-28-16

Mr. Garcia’s Presentation:



Congratulations to Southern Section President, Cami Berry, Conference Chairman, Gerald Hime, and the entire Southern Section Executive Board for a job well done.  There were over 350 educators attending this year’s conference and the presentations were awesome.  The editors of the Intercom have preserved a pictorial record of this outstanding event and have posted the memories in the links below.  We are all looking forward to the 2017 CASCWA State Conference that will be held next April in Lake Tahoe.  Please take the time to go to these links and enjoy the great memories from the 2016 State Conference that was held the Anaheim Wyndham Hotel in Orange County.

2016 State CASCWA Conference Program

CASCWA INTERCOM 2016 State Conference Wednesday Day 1

CASCWA INTERCOM 2016 State Conference Thursday Day 2 Part 1

CASCWA INTERCOM 2016 State Conference Thursday Day 2 Part 2

CASCWA INTERCOM 2016 State Conference Friday Day 3

CASCWA INTERCOM 2016 State Conference Awards and Recognitions

CASCWA INTERCOM 2016 State Conference Vendors and Staff


Southern Section’s Connection 

CASCWA Connection February 2016

Southern Section held a special “Phil Kauble Topical Forum” on February 5, 2016  A special “Thank You” to  Allison Haynes and the staff of the Riverside County Office of Education.  ACSA’s Mr. Edgar Zazueta, Director of Policy and Governmental Relations, spoke on the topic of ESSA.  Mr. Zazueta was kind enough to permit the placement of his power point presentation on our website (click below).  The latest Edition of Southern Section’s “Connection” contains several pictures that were taken at the forum.

CASCWA Connection December 2015 LACOE

On December 11, 2015, LACOE held their annual legislative update at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.  Dr. Victor Thompson and the entire Student Support Division are to be commended for their professional presentation.  The “Bills” discussed are listed in the January Edition of the CASCWA Intercom.  Southern Section has put together a pictorial memory edition of the Southern Section’s Connection.  If you attended or have colleagues who attended, please take the time to enjoy this special edition.

CASCWA Connection Workshop Program 10-2015 Part 1
CASCWA Connection Workshop Memories 10-2015 Part 2

“CSI” CASCWA: Challenges, Strategies and Implementations”  – Daily Issues that confront school administrators:  On October 9, 2015, Southern Section held a workshop at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.  The workshop had over 130 attendees and the program was outstanding.  We thank all who attended and have put together a two part Southern Section Connection.  Part 1 focuses on the program and Part 2 focuses on the pictorial memories of this excellent event.

JULY 2015,
CASCWA Connection July 2015

The latest edition of the Southern Section Connection contains information on the 2015 “Lillie Wilson” student scholarship luncheon, information from the past Southern Section President Tim Catlin and on our current President, Cami Berry, and pictorial memories of the June Southern Section Executive Board Meeting:

Southern Section’s Past Events:

Phil Kauble “Topical Forum”  February 5, 2016

Southern Section held a special “Phil Kauble Topical Forum” on February 5, 2016  A special “Thank You” to  Allison Haynes and the staff of the Riverside County Office of Education.  ACSA’s Mr. Edgar Zazueta, Director of Policy and Governmental Relations, spoke on the topic of ESSA.  Mr. Zazueta was kind enough to permit the placement of his power point presentation on our website (click below).  The latest Edition of Southern Section’s “Connection” contains several pictures that were taken at the forum.  We thank those who were in attendance:  Click here for the February 2016 edition of the Connection: CASCWA Connection February 2016

SCHOOL AS A SAFE HAVEN FORUM – Pictures and Memories

On February 6, 2015, Southern Section hosted the Phil Kauble Topical Forum at the San Diego County Office of Education – Northern San Diego Office.  The two presentations at this CASCWA Southern Section’s Forum focused on two important topics impacting school districts throughout the state.  The presenters were dynamic, professional and thoroughly covered the topics.

Dr. Michelle Lustig, San Diego County of Education, presenting on “Trauma Informed Practices with Foster and Homeless Youths” and Jewell Forbes, Los Angeles County Office of education presented  on the tragic topic of “Criminal Sexual Exploitation of Children.”  It is amazing the extent of these issues and how schools and school districts are being impacted.

We wish to thank those who attended and we are pleased to bring you a few pictures to bring back memories of the day’s activities.  Please click below to access the pictures taken at the Forum!

CASCWA SOUTHERN SECTION “Phil Kauble Topical Forum” PICTORIAL 2-6-2015

It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be a Kid

Southern Section Fall Workshop 10-16-14 at Knotts Berry Hotel

2015-17 CASCWA Southern Section Executive Board Members



Cami Berry

Retired, Riverside COE


President Elect


Jenifer Mendel

Grossmont Union High School District


 Past President

Tim 001

Tim Catlin

ABC Unified School District


 Vice President


Rick Riegel

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District




Allison Haynes

Riverside County Office of Education




Dr. Ken Lorge

Retired, Placentia/Yorba Linda USD


 2015-17 CASCWA Southern Section Area Representatives

 Coastal Area

Michael Ridge

Oxnard School District

Imperial County Representative

Hortencia Armendriz

Calexico USD


Los Angeles County Representative

Jennifer Kottke 2

Jennifer Kottke

Rowland  Unified School District


Los Angeles USD Representative

Laura Ewing

Los Angeles Unified School District


Orange County Representative

Leslie Coghlan 2

Leslie Coghlan

Anaheim City School District


Riverside County Representative

David Gibbons 2

David Gibbons

Coachella Valley Unified School District


San Bernadino County Representative

Earl Smith

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools


San Diego County Representative


Tracy Thompson

San Diego Office of Education


2015-17 CASCWA Southern Section Committees

Communication/Newsletter Editors

Frank & Mark

Frank Boehler, Retired OUSD

Mark Michels, Retired LAUSD


Conference Committee Specialist

Jerry Hime


Legislation Committee Chair

Sherman Garnett


Membership Committee Chair

Gary Roughton 2

Gary Roughton

Val Verde Unified School District


Past President’s Advisory

Dr. Donna Dalton Opoku-Agyeman

Retired, Lake Elsinore Unified School District


Scholarship Committee

Ilsa Garza Gonzalez 2

Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez


School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

 Jennifer Gomez Trejo

Jennifer Gomeztrejo

Student Support Services Solutions, Inc.



Bob Mueller

San Diego Office of Education

Southern Section’s Members at Large

Honorary Member at Large

Phil Kauble

Los Angeles County Office of Education – Retired


Members at Large

Member at Large

Sandra Amatariain 3

Sandra Amatriain

Yurupa USD


Member at Large

Maria Hwang De Bravo

Student Support Services Solutions, Inc.

Member at Large

Jessie Cherri

Orange USD – Retired

Member at Large

 Betty Folsom

Betty Folsom

Riverside COE – Retired

Member at Large

Terry Gendreau

Bellflower Unified School District


Member at Large

Caroline Luke

Menifee Union SD


Member at Large

Dr Jamie Parsons

Jami Parsons

Orange COE


Member at Large

Aurora Mendoza Perry 2

Aurora Mendoza Perry

Beaumont USD


Member at Large

Victor Thompson

Victor Thompson

Los Angeles COE


 Member at Large

Ray Vincent 5

Ray Vincent

Vincent Fall and Associates


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