The California Association of Supervisors Child Welfare and Attendance (CASCWA) was established in 1936 to promote the work of Child Welfare and Attendance/Student Services, and to raise the professional level of workers in this field throughout the State of California, by:

  1. Providing a means for the dissemination of innovative, creative, and constructive ideas concerning the development of youth in relation to their school, home and community; including the periodic publication and distribution of a Statewide Newsletter, known as the Intercom.
  2. Maintaining high standards for the training and certification of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance.
  3. Encouraging programs for guidance and counseling of the in-school and out-of-school youth until they have reached a period of adjustment.
  4. Advocating and assisting in the development and maintenance of adequate records of the school, community, and home life of youth.
  5. Influencing relevant legislation for the needs of youth, families, and schools.

There are several sources of information on the history of CASCWA. There is a listing of all Past State Presidents. In addition, the Delta Sierra Section have put together a Project Preservation video for the 2013 CASCWA State Conference held at the Hyatt in Sacramento, CA.

Project Preservation Video by Delta Sierra Section – State Conference 2013


The Intercom has been the official publication and bibliography of CASCWA. The first scanned Intercom edition was from 1983. Since this date our association has published an annual edition and recently we added special editions of the Intercom to report current progress and to spotlight achievements, and our annual state conference.  To view the archived Intercom Newsletter, click  here.

Current Issue – October 2016

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